New Toys

I got a new computer recently. It’s one of the few things that I needed to get. The one I was using before had broken hinges and wouldn’t open or close correctly. It was usable, but it took effort to make it work. Now, I’m writing without worrying about the bad battery, broken hinges, or overheating that I did with what I used before. I can’t begin to tell you how much stress is gone thanks to my new laptop.

Why am I telling you this? You didn’t know about what I was using to write. It didn’t matter to you, but there is one thing that does matter to you. New toys.

Yes. We all get them. They’re nice and shiny, with lots of things that you want to play with, but they aren’t like your old ones, which makes some people hate getting new toys. You work and put your heart into something, but then you eventually replace it. Sometimes, you get it just because it’s the newest thing, even if you already have one that’s doing really well. Maybe even your other one is just a few months or weeks old. You’re still trying to get used to it, but you saw a newer one that you don’t want to wait for.

That’s how a lot of writers are. We work on something until we get a new idea for something else. We can’t finish a story, but we have plenty of great ideas that would make wonderful stories if complete. We’re literary jumpers, going from one idea to another. We love our old toys, but we want to play with new ones. We promise to go back to the other ones later, but we tend to forget about them as time goes on. That’s not always a bad thing, but eventually we all have to get something out. We can’t just keep working on new ideas. Let your new ideas get old by using them until they’ve reached the end of their use. That means, write until completion or until you realize that you can’t do as much with the idea. That’s what trial and error is all about. If I didn’t have my old ideas, my current story wouldn’t exist. It’s a combination of all my previous stories based in that world, but it’s after they’ve all happened. That’s all you get for free though, since I do hope to get this sold as my one story someday. Now go play with your old toys, or the agents will come to steal all of your toys. <.< >.> ^___^ Go agents go!


2 responses to “New Toys

  1. Love it! I actually gave myself permission to NaNo so I could play with a new toy. The joke was on me, though. I recovered the notes for a novel I lost long ago. My NaNo was the recreation of that novel. Old toy turned new, right? Turned out the recovered notes ended halfway through the novel. Oops.

    No doubt you’re right, though. A good writer is a rewriter. Hopping from one new idea to the next, never going back to polish the finished manuscript, means never seeing an idea through to the gem it promised. Putting in the time and energy of rewriting, revising and reworking brings about something worth submitting. Shiny!

    Take care,

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