Yes, We’re Open For Business

I keep on seeing people saying that their books and stories are going to be the best things ever. They say that their lives are going to be amazing after they sell their books. These people really sadden me. No matter what you tell them, they don’t understand the idea that what they’re doing might fail. They say, “No. My story is amazing. It won’t fail. I’ve already sent it out to tons of people who should be getting back any day now with their offers. You’ll see, and then you’ll ask for my forgiveness for being so stupid.”

They really think that they’re going to do amazingly with just one book that hasn’t even been accepted by anybody. Here’s the truth, it’s not easy to get your book out there. It takes work. Yes, blood, sweat, and tears style work. You think that writing your book means that the work is over. It can take years for your book to get even looked at let alone published. It takes, time, work, and possibly even money to get your book published, and even then there’s no promise that it’ll sell well.

That’s why we need to sell not just your book, but yourself as a writer. Don’t make your book your only focus. Embrace every aspect of the world of writing. Be freelance until something comes up, but don’t be afraid to keep working on your dream. Just remember, as a writer, you have to be dedicated to what you’re doing. Don’t just think it’ll be great on its own; make it great. Make it as great as YOU want it to be, and someday, you might get what you’re dreaming of.


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