Loose Ends

Hero’s log,

December 1st 2010,


Now to move on to the helpful part of this blog.

How’d you do on NaNoWriMo? Did you get ahead at the end like I did, or did you not get there in time? That’s okay. There’s still more to come. You’re still a winner. How close to did you get? Is there more for you to write? Have you already started editing? You better get on it if you want to make something out of last month. What were your reasons for starting? Was this a ground breaker for you? The last day, I decided that if I couldn’t do this, then I’d give up as a writer. I did over 13000 words, bringing my total over the mark by 441 words. I’m not finished with my first draft, but I did exactly what I went out to do. I have two more scenes planned out before the end. I have the main battle against the antagonist and the conclusion of the entire story.

“Wait! You mean you didn’t write your f.inal battle during the allotted time?”

No. I had to go to sleep early for work, and I had reached the breaking point.

“So are you going to be posting it anywhere?”

Yeah. I’ll be putting the first five chapters up here as soon as I have the chapters sorted out. It’ll also be on my deviantART account. I already have the first chapter up on here, so I’ll put that on dA shortly.

Now just finish your story, and make sure you tie up all loose ends by editing all that you can. I know I will.

Have anymore questions for me? I’ll answer any question you have for me. I don’t care what it is, I’ll give it an honest answer. Q&A Time!


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