Snooki’s Book

Yes. For those of you who don’t know, Snookie, co-star of Jersey Shore is in fact, writing her own. I don’t know many details, but I hope she knows what she’s getting herself into. She had tons of work ahead, but if she’s able to get her first draft done, I’ll be surprised at her dedication. Writing won’t be easy after that though. She’s going to have lots of work with edits, rewrites, and the like, which might be captured on the reality show if we’re luck.This all brings up a good question.

How much of a book lasts through the editing process?

Now, although many writers will say that it’s the exact same story that they started with, most books edit somewhere between 50-90% of their books away, and most people who don’t find time to edit end up with stories that they’re never be able to sell. Now there are some rare occasions where people don’t edit their books, but they put as much into that one draft as we put into all of ours combined.

Each person has to find what works for them. For some, it’s simply going chapter by chapter and working on their setup while making notes for other chapters based on what they’re working on at the moment. Other people tend to work on the entire thing all at once, going back and forth until they’re happy. They read their entire book so many times that they’re able to quote it by the time they’re finished. Either way, there’s a lot of work put into any book. Writing is only for those who can deal with pressure; those who are willing to make sacrifices to their life for their passion. It is one of the most devoted practices, but it’s also one of the most mocked. Do you think celebrities put this much work into their books? If they do, they will never finish it, unless of course if it’s an autobiography. Now, that’s not for all of the. There are some people aside from chefs who are talented writers on top of being celebrities outside of the world of literature. Now does this mean that Snooki isn’t going to do well? No, not at all. For all we know, she’s going to do wonderfully with her book. If she keeps up with the lifestyle she’s shown the world.

Why Can’t Writers Live Like Normal People?

Writers don’t have as much free time as people think. Yeah, quite a few of them work from home, but what happens when they get behind? What happens when it comes time to get it all put together? Writers do get out, but they’re not all about living for the moment. When was the last time you heard about J.K. Rowling getting drunk at a bar or club, or about secret sex tapes of Maureen Johnson? That’s just not what they’re able to do all the time. Yes, they are freaks of nature. They have deep stories waiting to get out. Their stories can take control of their minds until they can’t help but right it. If Snooki’s just like that, then I give her my respect. I know what that’s like. Writing is not only my dream, but it’s my life. If I could afford it, I’d have hundreds of thousands of books, but I’m just as poor as anyone else who’s just starting to try to write for a living. I have a job that barely pays my part of the rent. I may not be as bad off as Rowling was, but I can honestly say that I understand what it was like before she started Harry Potter.

If I had the money to spend all my time writing, I’d have a lot more than I do write now. Writers don’t always make it big, but they still write. They strive to be a part of the exclusive community. Is it a big deal? Only to writers. Many dream to be a part of that, to say that they’ve been published and are selling, just like musicians, photographers, and even dancers. It’s hard to be an expressive worker of art, but for those who make it, they can truly appreciate those who have made it AND those who are trying to get there.


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