Zomft Darika 2

A new installment of Zomft Darika. It’s the second one, and there’s not a lot going on right now. I’m simply introducing characters that have made their mark in Edge. I’m not completely sure how things are going to work out with this, but that’s okay. It’s not a big deal to me, and I’m doing it just for fun. Anyway, here’s what you’ve been waiting for. As always, I’m always up for some Q&A.

Jay followed behind Roshetta as Dawn jumped down and smiled at the newcomer. Jay never felt so horrible in his life. He had created all that she was, yet he knew about her other story, her true story. Dawn was born to die, to be the reason that Rain even exists, but Jay wasn’t about to explain that to the little girl. She was so young, so full of ambition. Besides, that Dawn wasn’t here. This was the Dawn that was made for the same club that the older Roshetta was in.

Dawn started walking backwards as she just looked at Jay. ~I don’t remember her being able to do that~ Jay shook his head and leaned forward to pick Dawn up, who happily complied with his wish. “You nice,” she said.

“You don’t know that,” Jay responded. “For all you know, I could be an evil man looking for little girls to be my evil minions.”

Roshetta laughed softly and shook his head as he kept walking. “If you were an evil overlord, you wouldn’t have said so to a small child, even if you were looking for minions.”

Jay chuckled and smiled as Dawn climbed onto his shoulders, ready to help out however she could. “Yes, mastah. I be best ebil one ebah!” Dawn said in an adorable attempt at sounding like an evil minion.

“Yes you will, Dawn, now be good, or he’ll never respect you as a minion,” Roshetta advised as he turned back to make sure Jay was paying attention to where he was going. “Hey. Rotric. What brought you here to the Zomft?”

Jay stopped the moment he saw Roshetta turn. Dawn giggled while still holding onto Jay’s shoulders. “Well, Rain basically just told me to stay here. I didn’t have much choice, but it’s probably for the best.”

Roshetta chuckled and sighed deeply. “Okay. So you know Rain. That means, you can be trusted. Anyway, this is the dining area. Everything in the Zomft is taken care of. It’s original purpose was to be used as a diplomatic lounge, but on its first use, people couldn’t remember what happened while they were inside, so now it’s here for anyone who can enter.”

“So how do people live here?” Jay wanted to know how everything worked, since none of it made sense to him. It didn’t make sense at all, but then again, he knew how confusing Edge could be.

“When people move in, they leave something important to them behind. If they don’t, then there’s nothing to come back to. Just like a few minutes ago. If Kumar had left with Dawn, he wouldn’t have any reason to return. To him, she’s still here, so even if she leaves, he’ll come back. I keep telling him to leave something else behind, but that’s his choice.” Roshetta acted so casually about it all, that Jay couldn’t help but think that there’s something else. He had no reason to, but it still made him feel paranoid about it.

Dawn let go of Jay and slowly slid off his back to run over to a little girl with pitch black hair who also held onto a small plush doll. She slowly looked up to Dawn and let a gentle smile cross her face. “Dawn…You comed back.”

Dawn nodded and happily hugged the little girl who yelped softly. “Ob course I comed back. I said I pwomised did I, Wose?”

Rose nodded gently as her smile became even wider. She then looked up to Roshetta and Jay then smiled at the larger man, scared since she didn’t know Jay. She whimpered softly and held her doll closer. “T-Tachie no know the guy with two hairs.”

~Rose~ Jayik laughed at the girl’s mention of his bleached bangs then gently ran his fingers through his hair. ~Shoot. Nobody on Edge has hair like this…This is bad. Very very bad! They don’t have bleach…I can’t keep my hair the way I like it.~ “I’m a friend of Rain’s. My name is Rotric.” Jay felt like a robot at that time. He had written all of Edge, yet he couldn’t even have a colorful way of telling a little girl what he just said. He felt so foolish, even if nobody was judging him. They didn’t know what he did, or even who he really was. They didn’t know that their entire lives were all thanks to him, and he was going to keep it that way.

Rose whimpered again and shoved her doll forward, as if the piece of cloth could protect her from harm. “Y-you no mean?” she asked as she started to shake, completely terrified by Jay’s somewhat odd appearance.

“I’d never be mean to anyone. You’re as safe with me as you are with Tachie.” Rose slowly pulled Tachie back, barely looking above the doll to Jay.

“Rotwic…nice…Okie.” Jay sighed in relief when Rose said those words. It was one of the oddest sensations Jay had ever known. He was happy that someone who wasn’t supposed to exist thought he was nice. He felt as though it was a good thing, yet it wasn’t important in the long run.

Dawn smiled and slowly stretched her arms out as she let out a gentle yawn. “Tired?” Roshetta asked as he picked up the young girl, who instantly curled into his arms. “Lets get you down for a nap, little one. I’m sure Rose could use some rest as well. I’ll be back in a little while Rotric. For now, just explore. Maybe even find something to eat in dining area.”

Jay nodded as he watched Roshetta walked off, Rose walking right behind the man as he went to put the girls down for a nap. “Wow. Today’s turning out to be a pretty odd day, yet I guess it’s alright. I’ve always wanted to have an experience like this. Maybe it’s just a really good dream. I really hope so.”


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