Then you’re not alone. Many people have problems sleeping. It’s a very common problem among the world today. One thing that can help is actually limiting your nighttime screen time. About half an hour before you plan to go to bed, stop staring at a screen. The light that’s shining in your face is actually making your mind think that it’s daytime. Now, for those who have read my blogs, you know that I tend to talk about writing. I love the world of literature, and simply talking about it helps my mind calm down.

Now, reading and writing can both be used to sleep. Many people fall asleep reading, and most of those people tend to had traditional books, though e-books, and computers have been used by those who are more apt to staying up later for little to no reason. I used to roleplay up until the early hours of the day, completely compelled by the story that I’m helping to create. It’s an obsession, yet it’s easily controllable.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Reading to sleep is what many writers love to hear it about. It means that their story is the last thing that someone things about before they sleep. It’s rarely ever used to see if their story is good or not. Sleep depends on how the body is doing, and not how the mind is working, because the mind will always keep on working even if you’re sleeping.

Writers want to hear about people dreaming about the storylines that they’ve created. How can a writer achieve such a wonderful success? Simple; write something worth sleeping too. That’s hard to experiment on, so it’s easy to get lost when thinking things over, but after you’ve figured it out, you’ll be writing in ways that you never knew possible. What you’re looking for is something that gets your mind to think while going very smoothly. Don’t overstress anything in the book. If you start to bore people, they might not want to pick things up the next night. Write for all types of readers, but also remember that this is your book, so if you can’t stand it, then those you want to read it, won’t be happy with it either. Now, I’m going to go off to bed, since I’m tired.


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