Character Building

So, you’re starting a book, and you want it to be an amazing book. Maybe you want it to be filled with action and adventure, or maybe you’d like some romance in your story, but there is one thing that you can’t avoid.


Characters are defined only by what your story makes them out to be. The most important thing that any story should have is character development. It expands on the characters and their history.

Lets take Harry Potter for example

We start the story with Harry living with his his mother’s sister and her family. Ignoring, what you know about Harry’s past and his parents’ death, would you want to read a story about a kid who lives with his aunt and uncle who hate him. Lets say that even if he does go to Hogwarts, he doesn’t go through anything that we know. He just goes to classes, learns some spells, but he doesn’t really change over those seven years. He’s the exact same as when he first started going to the school. Even with the element of magic, would you like to read a book about a kid who does nothing out of the norm, where nothing happens to him, and he remains, mostly unchanged? It wouldn’t be Harry Potter at all. It’d be, Mundane Wizard School, and stories like that are a sign of poor writing skills.

Characters need to learn, to grow, to be something different than just the average person. Even in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, there’s something there that makes him different. It doesn’t have to be huge or amazing. It just has to be something worth reading about. Think on that for a few minutes before making another go at writing. Thanks for reading, and have a great day.


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