This Stupid Thing Called Love: The Result

I looked down in horror at what I had done. My best friend was laying on the ground in a bloody mess. I shivered softly and looked down at her blood stained body. Tears fell down my cheeks, but I wasn’t ready to let her die.
I don’t know what came over me. I tried to think back to what had happened before I had attacked her. Nothing came. Did I really just lose it on my best friend? What was going on? Why? Why did I do it?
A few minutes later I finally made it to the emergency room. When the doctor asked me what happened, I looked down and slowly shook my head. “I don’t know,” I half-lied. I wasn’t even sure what I had done to her. I wished that I could remember. I’ve never blacked out before.

After the doctor took her away, I sighed and sat down in a chair so i could try to think things through. The last thing I remember was hugging her. She said that she had good news for me, and the next thing I know, I was pulling my fist away from her.
What did she want to tell me? Why is this so hard to wrap my mind around? I hurt her. I almost killed my best friend, the one person I’ve ever lo…No.


This may or may not be what I was talking about in my previous blog update. I have one or two other stories floating in my head right now. This is the one that I’ve decided to showcase on here. It’s the one I’ve put more thought into, and it’s also the one with the most dramatic start. This is not the true beginning to the story. It starts near the end of the tale and works back around so that everything makes sense.


2 responses to “This Stupid Thing Called Love: The Result

  1. It’s a great start, really grabbed me and pulled me into that world. I cared about the narrator because of the heartfelt confusion. It overpowered the horror committed. That could change as I learned more about it, of course. I want to learn more about it, which is exactly what you want th e reader to feel. I’ll be interested in others’ feelings about it. Thanks for giving us a look.

    Take care,

    • Well, I’m glad you’re interested in this story. Go ahead and pass it on to people you think might be interested in it. I hope to continue this one, putting the rough draft online while I work on this and the other two stories I plan on working on for the next while. This story is mainly going to be about the events that led up to the boy’s attack on his best friend, but I won’t ruin too much of it for you. I really hope to get more done on it in the near future, because I’m really excited about working on it. ^_^

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