Working Together (And Feature)

There is one thing that all of us as writers know and dread. It’s actually pushing other people away from us and writing all alone for hours at a time. We love to write, but then we get an invitation to go out, and we can’t because we’re too worried about no reaching our wordcount for the day, or we have a deadline coming up soon.

What I am doing, is not something that everyone can do, but it’s something that I will advise looking into. Comics, or I should say, working with comic artists. Now, don’t drop everything to work with a comic artist. What I’m suggesting is working on it and not stressing so much over your other writings…except for deadlines. Can’t ignore those.

Comic scripts give you a break from your normal writing. Yes, they have to be done a lot faster than any other type of writing out there, but they’re smaller and easier to work with. Comic script writing also forces you to think of the results of your actions as a writer. You can’t just say one thing and then go against it later on. It’s just like writing a book, but you have someone who will question you on things. It’s much easier than working alone. It’s also a way to get yourself out there.

If you think that publishers/agent won’t care, then think on this. You’re an agent and two new people just came out to you. Both have good stories, but one has a comic or two that he writes for while the other simply has a blog and a twitter account, which the first person also has. The first one has amassed a decent amount of people following both his webcomic as well as his blog. Which would you rather take on; the person who has his ideas already out there in multiple formats, or the person who’s doing the exact same thing as every other writer out there?

I’m just saying that it’s another good thing that can be done for your literary resume.

Now, I’m talking about this all for a personal reason as well as my normal advising. Like most of my blog updates on here, I’m talking from what I’m learning while also stating my ideas. That being said, Fire Forms and Winds of Change

If you want me to plug your blog or webcomic in my next update, I shall free of charge. All I ask is that you do the same for me in one form or another. We have to work together in this world if we want to get anywhere.


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