A Moment (Poem)

I look to you. I see you. I think of nothing but you. I want you. I need you. This is all I ask. A Moment. A moment of your time. A moment of your love. A moment of nothing but you. My dreams are all for you. Nothing out there will get me ready for that moment. Any moment with you. I need to see you, just for that moment. Let me be yours. Let me show you all the love that I have.

Just for a moment, let me have all of you. Don’t push me aside until that moment is over with. It’s just a moment, a moment you can spare. A moment you don’t need. It doesn’t have to be the best moment in the world. I just want a moment with you so that I can try to keep you for a time when that moment is forgotten.

For now, All I want is that moment. It’s what I live for, what I dream of, the only thing that matters in life. That moment and all the ones after are the most important part of my life, for my life doesn’t begin until that moment has passed.

Let me have that moment, so that you can have my love.


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