The Heart Of A Cheater

I can’t believe what I’ve done. After all we’ve been through, after our years of marriage, our three children, our dedication to each other, I cheated on you. I hurt you, and I’ve ruined all that we are, all the we could have been. I was selfish, and now our lives are ruined. I can’t be trusted anymore. I can’t be seen the same way again.

I’m sorry. I’ll go. I don’t want to hurt you again. I can’t possibly understand how you feel right now, the pain, the suffering that you must be going through right now. Are you hurting still? I’m sorry. Why can’t I just get out of your head? You still love me even though I did this to you? No. I’m not worth your love, but I can’t leave you. I’m sure to do it again, but I’ll do all I can to avoid it.

Don’t ask. I’ve been going through a lot lately. My mind’s been going so back and forth on things and this is where it ended up. Obviously, this isn’t about me, since I’m not married, I don’t have any kids, and I really don’t have it in me to do something like this. If I did, I’d have gone insane shortly after doing it and everyone would know about it. This is where my mind went…I don’t know why, and right now all I really want to do is hold the one I love and kiss her until I feel like myself again.


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