Your Smile

When I think about beauty, I tend to miss the point. I look for treats that aren’t truly physical. I compliment your laugh, your heart, the way you giggle, yet I still feel like I’m making things difficult. As I try to write to explain your looks, I stop to think and wonder. Is this true, is this real, or is it another thing to blunder.

At a moment’s notice, I think of you, and it all comes rushing in. If I say it aloud, I’m almost guaranteed to end up cuddling. I don’t need to worry about things that don’t truly matter anymore. For when the time comes, I’m right there, standing in your door.

You’ll come to me, and hold me close, not wanting for us to part. I’ll look down to you, kiss your cheek, and tell you that it’s just the start. You’ll look over to see the fact that I walked mile after mile. I’ll just simply shrug and hold you close before I tell you that it was worth your smile.

A poem about long distance relationships and the beauty that some people work dream about seeing.


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