Dawn Of Emotions RD 1

Okay. So this is a WIP that I’ve been working on for a while. It’s just the first draft of the beginning, but I thought I’d put it up on here.


I don’t really care about all of this, but hey, it’s an easy grade. This assignment is about somebody who’s made an impact on my family before I was born. I just want to get this done, so here’s the jist of it. This little girl was picked up by my now dead uncle. He loved her, or so I was told. He had my mother take care of her while he was away doing whatever. Then he died, and left the little kid with mom. Then the girl died because she wasn’t a human. She wasn’t important, but people thought she was. I don’t care. Just fail me already. I hate this class anyway.

Okay….So. That didn’t go well. I failed the class, and then mom got mad, so now I had to go see an oracle to see the entire story from when my uncle met the little girl to when she died. I had to write down everything I see and hear. Let the suck begin.

So I finally made it to the oracle point that mother had arranged for me. It’s close to home, so mother would know if I ever came there. I was stuck there, so I might as well have done what I was supposed to. It wasn’t going to be a very pleasant experience, but it’s much better than just doing nothing for three hours.

I kinda thought it would all just be done in one huge explosion of information. I thought I wouldn’t have to come back again. I was wrong. I was watching it in real time, or it felt like real time. I later learned that it was actually accelerated real time, but that’s not important. What’s important is what I saw.

I guess the best way to describe how things started was silently. I saw the man that I assumed was my dead uncle. He had soft, blue eyes and light brown hair that almost went down to his shoulders. He wasn’t exactly as I had imagined. I thought he’d be this tough looking man with a dark personality, but I knew almost nothing about him. It wasn’t a big deal to me what he was like, though, because at that moment, all I could see was a crimson stream of blood flowing to the ground from the man’s sword. It was wonderfully morbid, yet I still had to look around. Where was I? Why didn’t anybody see what had just happened? My uncle had just killed a man in cold blood. Why wasn’t anybody saying anything?

I tried to scream out, but I was looking into the past. Nobody could hear me, but they should have heard the little girl who saw what had just happened. They didn’t though, because the girl didn’t scream at all. She kept quite, but my uncle…oh what was his name…I don’t remember. Anyway, my uncle saw her, and all he did was walk into the little orphanage that the little girl was staying in.

He walked inside and said that he wanted to talk to the children. The woman didn’t have any reason to doubt his intentions. I was sure that he was going to simply walk in, kill the girl and leave, but that’s where I was wrong. The man sat down right beside the girl and just waited for her response. What kind of mind trick are they playing on one another? I don’t get it. Just kill the girl, and run. It’s that simple. Why don’t you get rid of the only person who saw you kill that man and be done with it?

After what felt like an hour of waiting, the man stood up and asked the caretaker if he could adopt the little girl. The woman just smiled and started filling out the paperwork. Wait a second…Hold up. What the heck is going on here? People don’t just sit with a someone who saw them murder another man and randomly decide to adopt them.

The woman didn’t even know the girl’s real name, but the girl had only been there for a few months. I walked over to look at the paperwork then smacked my forehead. My uncle’s name was Kaym. I remember that now. Yay me. Anyway, Kaym successfully adopted the little girl and everything was okay for the moment. He wasn’t killing her at the moment, so I didn’t think it was going to be a huge deal. I simply followed them, watching how they reacted.

The girl simply walked beside Kaym as he instructed her to. She’s really well behaved for someone so young. She doesn’t look any older than six. My assumption is that she’s Dawn, but once again, I may be wrong. I’m not the most astute person in the world. I’m just thirteen years old myself, but this isn’t my story. If it was, it’d make a lot more sense.

Okay, so they’re just walking. This is soooo boring. Why can’t they talk? Isn’t every good story all about the deep dialogue and the action? I bet this is just going to be another girly story about how two people fall in love…and one’s way to young so she dies because she can’t be the one he loves. That’s messed up. Nah. That’s too exciting for something my parents care about. She probably dies by a freak accident or something lame that couldn’t have been avoided.

Oh well. I think he just said something…No nevermind he’s humming. The girl’s kinda cute though. She has pitch black hair and jade green eyes. I bet if she smiled, she’d be even cuter. Bleh. She’s dead now, right? Why am I asking you? You probably know even less than I do, unless you’re my mother. Mom knows everything about the story. I bet she’s told me the entire thing a hundred times, but I never really paid attention. I’m in for a shock, and I know it. The twist is, that it’s going to suck even more live.

I’m sorry about all this complaining, I just really don’t want to be here. It’s like going to a funeral. You know their life is over, but people think it’s so important to do. Can I just go home now? I didn’t think so.
I looked up to Kaym and Dawn then shrugged. Kaym finally decided to start talking to Dawn about why he was in town. “I’m from a warrior’s guild in the city of Tariv, and my recent mission was to…well to make sure that someone wasn’t being mean to anyone anymore to put it lightly.”

Dawn didn’t respond, and I didn’t blame her. She saw what happened. She knew what Kaym did to the man. She had no idea what Kaym was going to do to her now though. I thought it was going to be something worth watching though. It was a very interesting encounter between those two.

Kaym looked down to the little girl and sighed gently. He was trying to think of what else to say, what he could tell her that might get her to talk, but nothing came to mind. He just kept walking, until he decided to talk about his family. “My grandparents helped save the world once. They used to be known as heros, but now…” He let out a deep sigh before he continued talking to the indifferent child. “Things have changed a lot since then.”

I looked over to Kaym and sighed softly. He wasn’t a very interesting man at all. He was a warrior when the world was filled with warriors. His sword was a normal looking broadsword. The hilt wasn’t special at all either. He was normal at first glance and all the other glances as well. I don’t really understand why he was so special.

Dawn looked back, and for a moment I thought she could see me, but I was wrong. I knew I was wrong. I wasn’t really there. She looked forward again right as a carriage sped past them.

Kaym chuckled and pulled Dawn over on his other side. “Too close to the road to be safe, little one,” Kaym said as though Dawn cared at all. Doesn’t he realize that she doesn’t care at all. She cares even less than I do. She just does as she’s told, silently, as though she thinks that speaking would make her less of a person or something like that. I don’t know or care about why she’s so fsking quiet.


That’s the beginning. It’s not the greatest thing out there, but…it’s a start. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it.


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