Attention All Literary Agents (and those looking for one)

Greetings. I know you. You’re the type who shoots down most of those who go for you. Why is that? Well, most likely it’s because it didn’t catch your eye, was poorly written, an obvious rip off, or a combination of two or all of those. Why do you have your high horse when you depend on others for your paycheck? I can answer that. They depend on you for that same paycheck. YOU know who to talk to for specific stories. YOU are the ones who are ready and willing to get your hands dirty for something that might not work. I salute you for all that you’ve done. The day I finally have an agent, I’m going to direct them right here so they know that I know they’re more than just someone who’s stealing my profits.

I have a lot of respect for those who work to get the work of others into the world. Agents only take things that they believe in. They’re not afraid to take a risk, but they have to believe that the risk is worth it. If people come to them with something they claim to be the next big thing, something that will make a wonderful movie someday, or even something that’s supposed to like a modern Middle Earth or Narnia, most agents tend to not care about the story at all. Why? They don’t want people strutting around like they’re some wonderful writer when they haven’t even experienced what it’s like to get out there. The world of literature is not cut throat, so there’s no need to try to impress an agent by overplaying your story, because guess what, your story is not going to the next Narnia. You’re not the next J.R.R. Tolkein either, so don’t act like you are. The truth is, great writers don’t have to boast their works. They let their stories speak for themselves, and they usually think that their books could have been better.

How do I know this when I’m not published? I keep up with current writers. I read blogs. I’m not just in my own world. I go and attack the worlds of others. I listen to their advice, and I try to apply it to my stories so that I can someday doing exactly what they do. I’m shelling out all the advice I can give to others who are in situations like mine. I’m not the best person to go for this, but I do have a grasp on what I’m doing. That’s why I started this blog, now get to work so you can someday impress some agent that’s just waiting for someone just like you. They do want to make that paycheck after all.