A Random Kiss [Flash Fiction]

It had been two weeks since that woman had kissed him. She was a very dark person altogether, but that was usual for her race. The girl had the normal pitch black hair and eyes with tanned skin that all Chao were known for, but she also had body images that formed into symbols that Jacob had never seen before.
“What could it be?” Jacob asked his normal bartended as the man served Jacob a glass of Blood wine.
The bartended shrugged and started to clean one of the few dirty glasses he had. “I dunno, Jay, buh why does it mattah? She jus a Chao who smacked lips fur jus’ a second.”
Jacob sighed deeply, downed his drink, then sighed again. “I…I just felt something. It was so surreal. I thought that a Chao was just dark in nature, but she felt…light.”
“Yur crazy, Jay. Now I need ta get stuff set up fur mah next rush. Ya best leave,” the man instructed as Jacob dropped a few coins down and left.
On the walk home, Jacob stopped at the park just to sit and think. He wasn’t ready to stop thinking about that woman. He’d never seen her before, yet she’d made such a huge impression in that one moment, that one kiss. He had to find her, yet he didn’t know where to start.
That’s when she sat down next to him. She looked different this time though. The girl had on a very heavy coat and looked up right as it started to snow. “Good weather?”
Jacob grumbled as he looked up to the sky, regretting his decision not to wear his heavier coat the moment the wind picked up. “Fsk. It’s cold.”
The girl smiled and giggled as she stood up. “It’s always cold this time of the year. Remember to pack something warm next time.”
And that was it. Jacob and the random kisser, whose name was Ria, met once again, and they had the whole evening to get to know one another.