Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist: Review

So, the first book written by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn is my last one to read. Was it worth it? I have no clue. It’s definitely not my favorite of the three, but it’s a great book that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Nick’s desperately trying not to look desperate, and Norah starts off not wanting to lose her drunken friend. There’s a lot to be said on just that alone. The entire story is based around the night they meet, but what a night. It’s filled with everything that can go wrong from Nick’s ex finding them to them getting caught half naked by and elderly couple.

The story isn’t only about them though. It’s a lot deeper than just that. The story’s truly about finding that one person who doesn’t just drive you into a lustful fit, but the one who makes you feel truly and completely loved. No spoilers though. Just go read the book yourself to see how it all works out. I promise that it’s something worth looking into.


A New Direction

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated on here. A lot has happened in the past few months. I’ve been through relationship trouble, read a few good books, written on one of my stories some, moved again, and thought about how this blog was doing. Nobody cared that I was gone, so I’m going to change the direction of this blog.

I want to still have it up as writing help, but this is going to be where I put my book reviews as well as continuing to have it as my draft review area. I’m going to be using my new blog as a real blog. Anyway, I must be off for now. I’ll update more later when I have more time.

Your Smile

When I think about beauty, I tend to miss the point. I look for treats that aren’t truly physical. I compliment your laugh, your heart, the way you giggle, yet I still feel like I’m making things difficult. As I try to write to explain your looks, I stop to think and wonder. Is this true, is this real, or is it another thing to blunder.

At a moment’s notice, I think of you, and it all comes rushing in. If I say it aloud, I’m almost guaranteed to end up cuddling. I don’t need to worry about things that don’t truly matter anymore. For when the time comes, I’m right there, standing in your door.

You’ll come to me, and hold me close, not wanting for us to part. I’ll look down to you, kiss your cheek, and tell you that it’s just the start. You’ll look over to see the fact that I walked mile after mile. I’ll just simply shrug and hold you close before I tell you that it was worth your smile.

A poem about long distance relationships and the beauty that some people work dream about seeing.

The Heart Of A Cheater

I can’t believe what I’ve done. After all we’ve been through, after our years of marriage, our three children, our dedication to each other, I cheated on you. I hurt you, and I’ve ruined all that we are, all the we could have been. I was selfish, and now our lives are ruined. I can’t be trusted anymore. I can’t be seen the same way again.

I’m sorry. I’ll go. I don’t want to hurt you again. I can’t possibly understand how you feel right now, the pain, the suffering that you must be going through right now. Are you hurting still? I’m sorry. Why can’t I just get out of your head? You still love me even though I did this to you? No. I’m not worth your love, but I can’t leave you. I’m sure to do it again, but I’ll do all I can to avoid it.

Don’t ask. I’ve been going through a lot lately. My mind’s been going so back and forth on things and this is where it ended up. Obviously, this isn’t about me, since I’m not married, I don’t have any kids, and I really don’t have it in me to do something like this. If I did, I’d have gone insane shortly after doing it and everyone would know about it. This is where my mind went…I don’t know why, and right now all I really want to do is hold the one I love and kiss her until I feel like myself again.

Writing Setbacks

In everything out there, there are those who have the ability to do it, and those who don’t. Take gymnastics for example. Someone who’s missing limbs can’t really do things such as pole vaulting, so they don’t have the ability to do it, yet there are people who are missing limbs who are able to do it wonderfully.

I’m not supposed to be able to read, let alone write. I have ADHD, and as a whole, people who had it, aren’t able to sit down and read. I also have dyslexia, which means at times, I mix my letters and numbers up a lot. That’s the main reason I hated math in high school. Long numbers that I had to stare at, write down, and work with…bleh. Now, as a writer, I don’t have problems getting my stories out, yet I still have problems when I’m in a lull. I can’t write at times. My mind starts to wander even when there’s nothing for it to wander to.

Even with these troubles, I still go on to write. It may take me longer than most people, but I’ve proven that I can push myself hard enough to do things I never thought I could. I did NaNoWriMo. It almost cost me a few close relationships, but thankfully, those I love didn’t leave me when I was being an ass last November. It all paid off when I finished it. I’ve gone a long way in the months since, and I’m learning more with each day. I really should get back to posting on here, but working about 30 hours a week, working on scripts for my comics, trying to start edits on Daughter of Darkness, and keeping up with the great people in my life doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for blogging. I will try to get one update done a week.

Anyway, the point of this all is to explain that even with setbacks that make it nearly impossible to something, people will still do as they please. It’s not the setbacks that make it impossible. It’s all about how dedicated you are to it. If you’re willing to push through the impossible, even the sky isn’t a limit. There are exceptions to the exception though, but that’s life.

Dramatic Writing

There are times as a writer that you will undoubtedly be wrapped up in your writing that you forget about it being just a story you’re creating, instead of something that’s actually happening. It’s hard to go through and keep on working when you feel all those emotions bearing down on you.

That’s part of what I’ve been going through lately. It’s more than just that though. I’ve been dealing with my own stuff as well. Hard home life, no job for almost two months, and bills to worry about coming through. The ONLY thing I’ve been able to rely on for the most part is my love life.

That being said, it’s getting harder and harder to just think up what to write on my books. I thought I was just going to take a short break, but if I can’t get past all of this, I’m not sure how long it’s actually going to take for me to dedicate myself to an actual story. I have a long way to go before I’m able to get past this. I’m very thankful for those who understand that I’m going through a bit of stress. No. I’m not the most stressed out person in the world. I do know people who have it worse than I do. I’m very close with one of them. What I’m saying is that I’m not going to force myself to do more than I can handle.

If you want to have anything new from me, check out my webcomic profile.

Working Together (And Feature)

There is one thing that all of us as writers know and dread. It’s actually pushing other people away from us and writing all alone for hours at a time. We love to write, but then we get an invitation to go out, and we can’t because we’re too worried about no reaching our wordcount for the day, or we have a deadline coming up soon.

What I am doing, is not something that everyone can do, but it’s something that I will advise looking into. Comics, or I should say, working with comic artists. Now, don’t drop everything to work with a comic artist. What I’m suggesting is working on it and not stressing so much over your other writings…except for deadlines. Can’t ignore those.

Comic scripts give you a break from your normal writing. Yes, they have to be done a lot faster than any other type of writing out there, but they’re smaller and easier to work with. Comic script writing also forces you to think of the results of your actions as a writer. You can’t just say one thing and then go against it later on. It’s just like writing a book, but you have someone who will question you on things. It’s much easier than working alone. It’s also a way to get yourself out there.

If you think that publishers/agent won’t care, then think on this. You’re an agent and two new people just came out to you. Both have good stories, but one has a comic or two that he writes for while the other simply has a blog and a twitter account, which the first person also has. The first one has amassed a decent amount of people following both his webcomic as well as his blog. Which would you rather take on; the person who has his ideas already out there in multiple formats, or the person who’s doing the exact same thing as every other writer out there?

I’m just saying that it’s another good thing that can be done for your literary resume.

Now, I’m talking about this all for a personal reason as well as my normal advising. Like most of my blog updates on here, I’m talking from what I’m learning while also stating my ideas. That being said, Fire Forms and Winds of Change

If you want me to plug your blog or webcomic in my next update, I shall free of charge. All I ask is that you do the same for me in one form or another. We have to work together in this world if we want to get anywhere.