Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List: Review

This book really had me. It got into all of my emotions, especially anger. There were times where I wanted to kill Ely…a lot…with a very blunt weapon in a very angry way. My own opinion changed a lot throughout the book, but until it started getting close to the end, I hated Ely with a passion.

The book is mainly about this huge fight between Naomi and Ely. Naomi is deeply in love with Ely, but there’s one problem with that…He’s gay and doesn’t love his best friend the way she loves him. It’s a story that really draws you in and you feel very strongly for each character. It’s impossible to not want the best for them all…even if you think a certain one should be killed in horrible ways.

Love, friendship, betrayal, and trust are all huge topics in this story. It goes between a large set of characters, which is something that I’ve never seen. It’s very interesting though. To see how each character takes things in during their chapter(s) is something that more authors should do. Either way though, it’s a great story that really makes you think on things and each character has a strong role at one point or another. It’s definitely worth a read for anyone who hasn’t do so already.

Next on the list is David and Rachel’s first book together, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. I’ll get back the day I finish it.


The Wednesday Letters Review

To read a book like The Wednesday Letters, you have to be able to think about something deeper than just romance. The story starts shortly before the death of Jack and Lauren Cooper, parents of Malcolm, Mathew and Samantha. It’s a story about romance, dedication, fear, and most of all, loyalty.

The story is mainly based around the letters that Jack wrote to Lauren each Wednesday from the day they were married until the day they died. From those letters, the children learn about who their parents really were, how strong they really had to be, and what a certain license plate in their bedroom was really about.

This book is a good book no matter what kind a person you are. By the end of the book, I wanted Malcolm and Rain to be together, for Mathew and Monica to get that adopted child, and for one of the children to take on their parents’ bed and breakfast so that their good friend Anna Belle or A&P had a place to waste all of her money.

The Wednesday Letters is a book that you will remember for the rest of your life, and maybe you’ll even start writing your own Wednesday letters like a certain Cooper sibling.