Speak: Review

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson is a very hard book to wrap myself around for a review. It’s a story that draws you in, making you feel Melinda, it’s main character.

The story showcases not only how your typical high school feels, but also some of the more taboo topics that writers have to choose from. Friendship, betrayal, sexuality, and so much more comes out, yet it’s put in a way that anyone can associate themselves with.

This story isn’t too vivid, yet I couldn’t help but feel each painful moment that Melinda went through. I was starting to worry that she’d end up going completely downhill as a self-hating recluse, but then her moment came.

This is the kind of story that sticks with you for years, and I honesty have to see the movie now. I want to see how someone can take something so suited in the novel format and put it out as a movie.

I know that I’m late to the punch on this book and many of the others that I have and will review, but I review as I read. I take note of all that I feel, and that’s what matters. This is a great story, and if you, like me, have yet to read it, I do suggest that you pick it up as soon as possible. It’s too great of a story to miss out on.

The next few books I plan on reading are Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List, Nick and Nora’s Infinate Playlist, Suite Scarlett , Sister’s in Sanity, Tithe, and Wintergils.


Zomft Darika 1

Zomft Darika is my first attempt at fun writing in years. The idea behind it was, “What would happen if I was put into my fantasy world?” Now it’s still in the works, but since it’s just for fun, I thought I’d share it on here. I’m in love with the idea of it, and I want to see how things go. I’ll put a little information about it with each post, and I’ll also answer any questions on it with anyone who asks. Anyway, here’s Zomft Darika

It had been a very odd day for Jay Hawshkins. He had woken up in a world of his own creation, chased around by a creature only he could have explained, stalked a character he made up, and somehow ended up in an apartment room that was connected to every time and character that Jay had thought up for the planet.

The boy sighed and rubbed his cheek after being slapped by Rain, his favourite Alter Chao. “Look YOU! I know you made all this. That’s why nothing can happen to you. Without you, You’re not allowed to leave here, understand?!” Jay looked to the side and grumbled under his breath. “Fine, but I’ll do everything I can to at least explore everything that goes on in here.”

Here was, of course Zomft Darika, the only place in all of Edge that existed in a paradoxical realm. It was more than just Edge. It contained all that Jay had created, yet there was so much more. Jay looked around the room. It was the best room he had ever been in; big, but not too big, and the walls were light green with blots of blue that made it look like someone had just tossed paint from the bucket right into the wall. The bed was the exact same way, perfect for his tastes. Everything about that place was perfect for Jay. The only problem was he couldn’t be Jay Hawshkins.

Rain sighed and twirled some chaos in her hand until a small card formed on her other hand. It looked exactly like Jay, yet it wasn’t like the mug shots that he was used to seeing on ID cards. “You’re going to be Rotric Torivrim. DON’T use your real name.” Jay sighed and looked over the card. It was as detailed as the cards he was used to seeing, yet it wasn’t from Earth. He knew that. “Troarvic…That’s the country…Wait…I’m in the biggest trade city in Edge?”

Rain shrugged gently. It was obvious that she wasn’t interested in the trivial facts of Edge, yet she was worried about Jay. “How…how did you know that I was the creator of Edge?” Rain tossed Jay’s driver’s license over to him along with an emblem drawn on a folded piece of paper. “Who else would have made this? You’re not from this world, yet you know about our symbols, our history. This apartment complex exists in everything…except your world, apparently. When people leave here, they forget about what’s all gone on. They’re back where they belong. I come back…because I made sure I wouldn’t forget. I wrote down my room number and I said to come back whenever I could.”

Jay wasn’t sure why Rain was telling him this, but he wasn’t going to simply put it off like it didn’t matter. He smiled and slowly shook his head. “Don’t worry, Rain. I’ll be sure I’m safe and I don’t leave this complex. I promise.”

With that, Rain nodded and left Jay. He looked down then back around his room. “This is…nice,” was all he could think to say about things. It was a whole new world to him, yet he knew everything about it…or he thought he did.

Just then, Jay heard clashing metal, and was instantly filled with glee. He quickly ran out of his room and followed the noise into the courtyard where he saw one of the first person he made for Edge fighting against himself of all people. “Roshetta?”

Both men looked over to Jay, their swords still pushing against one another. One Roshetta looked older, most likely in his mid-twenties, and his muscles actually existed while the other Roshetta was, at most, nineteen. Also, the older Roshetta’s sword didn’t have any chains. “Wait…” It was then that it hit him. This apartment wasn’t just for those who existed in Edge. It was for every one of Jay’s worlds, or at least his original characters. “How many other people’s characters lived here too?” Jay thought aloud.

The Roshetta’s went back to their spar, going clash for clash, swing for swing, against one another, the older simply a version he reformed for a role playing club that was based around a video game world that Jay loved. “So Hyrule characters are here too, but that means…”

Jay quickly turned around to see a small child with pure black hair and Jade green eyes. She wore a red and orange sun dress, and she was followed by a man with very curly curly hair. “Dawn…Kumar. Wow…This is…just wow.”

The girl simply smiled and waved to Jay then ran up to the older Roshetta and gave him a great big hug, knocking him over as the younger Roshetta laughed and shook his head. “Looks like it’s time for Daddy to take care of the little one.”

Dawn stuck out her tongue then nuzzled into Roshetta’s chest, happy to be with him, though in all honesty, she had probably only been away from him for an hour or two. “Mommy said that he had to go and get a few things.” Kumar nodded gently and smiled, walking away without having to say anything. He let Dawn do his talking. He acted…differently that Jay expected, but Jay wasn’t going to push any questions until the right time. Kumar was busy anyway. Jay let the man walk away, wondering how he was going to come back, since Rain had made it clear that people never had any memories of this place after they left.

He didn’t have time to think on that though. Dawn walked over to Jay and pulled out a plush from the bag that she carried with her everywhere. “Hello. This is Bomb!” The plush did indeed look like a bomb from the fictional world of Hyrule. Jay didn’t pay attention to the plush though. He was more focused on the bag. It was THE bag; the one Dawn’s mother had made for her. It held so much value to the little girl…but it was raggedy, worn, and it had patches all over it.

Jay slowly knelt down and smiled. “Hello Bomb. My name is J…I mean I’m Rotric. And who are you little girl?” He already knew who she was, what all she had gone through, yet he knew that he couldn’t reveal that. Jay had to live a lie, at least he had to most of the time. “I’m actually new around here though.” Dawn nodded and took Jay’s hand, pulling him over to the older Roshetta, the younger one already gone for the moment. “This is Wotwic…Wait…Rotric. Yeah. This is Rotric, and he’s just moved here, Daddy.” Roshetta nodded and gently handed Jay his broadsword. The moment it was in the boy’s hand, Jay and the sword, fell down to the ground, hitting it with a loud thud.

Roshetta laughed softly and gently pulled up the sword. “So you are as weak as you look. Good. I guess that Roshetta is weird even in his own land.” Jay groaned and slowly lifted himself back up then dusted the dirt from his clothes. “You could have just asked.”

Roshetta shrugged and sheathed his sword as Jay sighed, finally happy with how he looked for the time being. “Well,” Roshetta started. “How do you know me…or the other Roshetta?”

Jay was already found out…well sort of anyway. He thought for a moment then shrugged. “Rain told me to find you,” he lied. “She said that you’d be able to show me around here.” Roshetta nodded and picked up Dawn as Jay let out a slow sigh of relief. “This has been a very odd day indeed. I hope it gets at least a little easier from here.”

And that’s it. You have all of the part of Zomft Darika. The next part should be up later today.

Daughter of Darkness 1

Trivi, the final partial Chao, the last of her kind, walked into a large building as a man started setting up a few tables. Her pitch black hair swayed behind her with each step that she took closer to the man, noticing that another was walking over to him, carrying a small stack of books. “Hello. Have you come for the book signing, love?” Trivi nodded meekly and pulled out a thickly wrapped book from her satchel. “Y-yes. I…It…Well…I just felt a strong connection to..to the people in the book. They…I’m one of them.”

Both men looked back to Trivi and smiled softly, the first going over to get a better look at her. “Well, I’ll be a Dari’s Crimson!” the man exclaimed. “We’ve got a partial over here! Jake. You were right. Darnks. This is truly spectacular. Miss…What is your name?”

Trivi looked up to the man, trying not to blush even though she could feel her cheeks getting warmer with each passing moment. “My name is Trivi. Trivi Caligio. Are you…Rivera?”

The man laughed deeply, nodding in response. “I am, and my friend here is Jake, the man responsible for making this work of fiction so believable. He’s a logger, a keeper of history, and his specialty is your ancestry. He knows more about your kind than even you, I assume.”

Trivi looked down and nodded sadly, a tear slowly falling down her tan skin. “I only know what most people know. even my parents didn’t know very much.” She looked over to Jake then back to her book. “Why isn’t your name on the book as well then?”

Jake looked to the books and smiled gently. “I am but a logger, Trivi. What I did to help was tell him the history of Chao and what makes them who they are. The fictional aspect is all him, and since the history doesn’t make the story, I did nothing to write the book. He didn’t write all that I told him. He was just interested so that he didn’t write a story that was against the truth of your people.”

The partial looked down and sighed. “Oh. That makes sense,” she said, doubting herself for the moment. “I…I…Could you sign my book? Both of you?”

Rivera laughed at her request, but he grabbed Trivi’s book and set it in front of Jake, quickly handing the man a pen. “Of course. Anything for a fan of the truth in the book.” Jake swiftly signed the book, handing it and the pen back to Rivera who quickly signed the book and had Jake grab a third chair so he could talk to Trivi when he wasn’t signing books. Trivi looked down at the two signatures. “Rivera Libertad.” “Jake Frostfire.” Jake chatted with Trivi as well, talking to her about anything and everything he could think of. She was the first Chao of any kind that he had seen, which was true for almost every one of those who came to the book signing.

Everybody had questions for Trivi, and some even asked if she could show them some chaos magic, which she was more than happy to do; usually it was a simple stream of chaos that vanished into the air above or around the humans, but there were a few times when Trivi used her chaos to distort things around the room, such as the chairs, though she always returned things back to normal after her display.

After the signing was over, Jake asked Trivi out so they could continue talking. He was very interested in what she was like, not only as a Chao, but as a person as well. She accepted, and they both started dating for the next few years, getting to know one another as they got closer. The wedding was simple. Trivi dressed in the traditional black dress that her mother had worn on her wedding. “I miss her, Trivi said to her maid of honor, best friend, and soon to be sister-in-law, Jessica.

Jessica nodded gently and held onto Trivi’s hand for a moment. “Of course you do, Trivs, but you’re making her a very proud mother today. Even if she’s in the realm of light, I bet, she’s still standing there, watching you give your life to the only man on Edge who would treat you as a person, instead of a Chao. You’re a very special woman, and he understands that, but he treats you with love and compassion that nobody else could. Now I’m going to go ahead. It’s almost time. You better not back out now. I got dressed up and everything just for you two, and if it’s all for nothing, I’m going to feed you to my stick pile again.”

Trivi laughed softly and nodded as Jessica walked out of the room. She looked at her dress again then looked up to the ceiling. “It’s so hard without you two here. He’s a sweet man, but this is a big step. I’m going to do this, but…I just wish you could be here. It’d be much easier than doing this all alone.” She let out one final sigh and walked out, making that lifelong commitment to Jake.

It was just a few months before Trivi came with child. As the months went by, Trivi started drinking a pitch black drink, known as Karivincta or “Liquid Chaos” as some called it. The drink was known to help Chao mothers produce chaos during pregnancy.

It was a normal day, unlike any of the others before it. Jake woke up and made breakfast while Trivi slowly got up and drank some Karivincta. It wasn’t a bad drink to her at all. It was mostly made up of blood berry juice infused with chaos, so there was nothing harmful to her kind, and a human would have to drink more than a thousand a day for ten years to gain any chaotic powers.

Jake smiled as Trivi gently sat down in her chair and looked down to her plate. It had eggs, some bacon, pancakes, and a box of Chaotrims, Trivi’s favourite snack food. As they ate, Jake asked Trivi what was on her mind. “I…I don’t know, sweetie. It’s been over a year, and we even have a child on the way, yet…I feel as though things are just going too perfect. We have had our little bumps in the road, but we’ve always gotten things back to normal. We’ve never faced anything that we couldn’t handle…Isn’t that at least a little strange?”

Before Jake could answer the question, Trivi winced in pain, almost falling from her chair as her chaos starts to swirl around her. Jake instantly got up and rushed over to his wife, helping her back up. “Fsk. What’s wrong, sweetie?”

Trivi gasped, suddenly short on breath. “It’s…the baby. It…wants out NOW!” Jake nodded and quickly grabbed his and Trivi’s jackets, helping his wife get hers on before he opened the door just to see the woman fall to the ground in pain, her chaos shooting out from her, going out to further than the eye could see.

For a few moments, it looked as through Trivi was dead. She wasn’t breathing, and her light brown eyes were glossed over as though they had no life in them. “Trivi!!?” Jake cried out as he tried not to drop her limp body. Jake looked down for a moment as tears slowly fell down his cheeks. He gently looked up right as a bright light shone from all around his wife’s body. He looked at the light, unsure of what was going on, but hoping that it meant his wife wasn’t dead.

Moments later, Trivi opened her eyes as a thick, black cloud of chaos slowly came to her, slowly seeping into her body. “J-Jake…The baby. Please. Hurry. She still wants out.” Jake nodded and hurried, pulling his wife into a carriage, driving her off to the hospital.

Hours later, Trivi looked at her daughter, half scared, half happy that it was just over. “Her…everything. Her hair…Her eyes…Her skin…It’s all…white.”


And that’s the start of the first draft. Not sure if I’ll put the next part up or not. Anyway, the next post I put up will be an attempt at helping my fellow writers out. Bye for now.